About Us

At Bark Easy, we believe that one of the keys to excellent service is providing a relaxed atmosphere for your dog. When your pet feels calm and comfortable, we can do our jobs better and it’s a pleasant experience for everyone. We also strive to provide personalized service that is exactly what you want and need for your pet.

We get to know your pet and take as much time as necessary to do a top-notch professional grooming job. We do not overbook and will not rush your pets in and out. In addition, we use the best available grooming products and techniques.


Owner/Pet Stylist

Diane with her dog, Midas

Diane has worked with dogs in many capacities and fell in love with grooming in 2018.  Grooming clicked with her and she has found her passion! Diane Came to work at Bark Easy as a Pet Stylist in June of 2021 and took on ownership of the shop in December of 2022. 

Prior to grooming she was a Positive Reinforcement dog trainer as well as a manager for a doggy daycare, so she has an excellent understanding of dog behavior which helps acclimate your four legged friends to the grooming environment.    In her off time, Diane enjoys hiking, camping, boating, and many other outdoor activities.  Her handsome mixed breed dog, Midas, enthusiastically accompanies her wherever possible. 

Diane shares the core values that Bark Easy was built on: providing the highest quality of care in an environment that is welcoming, relaxing, and calm. Whether you have two legs or four, everyone should feel welcome!


Founder/Pet Stylist

Pet Grooming New Hampshire
Carol with her dogs

Carol began grooming professionally in 2003 and opened Bark Easy Pet Grooming shortly thereafter. In December of 2022 Carol sold the shop to Diane, and now continues to groom part time. 

Carol has been working with dogs and cats since she was a little girl. She has fostered and trained many pets for various rescue organizations, and has dedicated herself to making every dog’s experience a positive one at Bark Easy. 

Carol’s current pit-bull mix, Bruin, loves walks, playtime with family, and of course lots of treats! She also has Felix who is a sweet kitty and loves to cuddle. Carol is a true animal lover and it is no doubt she loves her job!


Pet Stylist

Julia joined Bark Easy as an assistant to Carol (aka her mom) in January 2021. After a year of apprenticing under Carol, she has become a wonderful Pet Stylist.  She has been in a grooming shop off and on since she was three years old!  She has helped her family raise, train, and foster their own dogs and many others.  She offers a positive and encouraging energy to all of our customers and it shows!  

In her free time, Julia enjoys going to the gym, boating, attending concerts, and riding her beautiful horse, Annie.  She also has her own rescued mixed breed, Aela,  that she adopted and they are the perfect duo.


Pet Stylist

Rach, or Rachel, has been grooming since 2012.  Rach began grooming at Bark Easy in October of 2022.  She has always had a passion for being around animals. She loves to let her creativity flow and grooming is the perfect way for her to do just that and take care of animals at the same time.  She is always furthering her education so she can give the best care possible to everyone’s fur babies. Grooming is her calling and it shows in her beautiful work.  

When she is not grooming, she enjoys hanging out with her own fur babies. She has two dogs of her own: Sasha, a beautiful and sweet mix of husky, lab, and German shepherd, and Teddy, a yorkipoo who enjoys any form of love and attention. They love hiking together.  Rach also enjoys reading, shooting her bow, and spending time with her family.