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At Bark Easy, we believe that one of the keys to excellent service is providing a relaxed atmosphere for your dog or cat. When your pet feels calm and comfortable, we can do our jobs better and it’s a pleasant experience for everyone. We also strive to provide personalized service that is exactly what you want for your pet.

Bark Easy is a great place to take your dog or cat because we all love animals. We get to know them and take as much time as necessary to do a top-notch professional grooming job. We do not overbook and try to rush your pets in and out. In addition, we use the best available grooming products and techniques.

Carol Hurlburt

Carol has been working with dogs and cats since she was a little girl. She has fostered and trained many pets for various rescue organizations. She began grooming professionally in 2003 and opened Bark Easy Pet Grooming LLC shortly thereafter.Pet Grooming New Hampshire

Carol strives to create an atmosphere in which dogs and cats and their owners can enjoy their visits to Bark Easy. Whether you have two legs or four. Everyone feels welcome.

At home, Carol has a variety of pets, including two mixed-breed dogs (adopted from Puerto Rico), a pit-bull mix from the south, two cats, a horse and a ferret. A true animal-lover, she enjoys coming to work every day.

Jill Lacroix

Pet Groomer at Bark Easy Pet Grooming Hollis NHJill, a life-long pet lover, has been a professional pet groomer since 1999, grooming all breeds of dogs and some cats, too. She is great at working with customers and their pets to make everyone happy. Jill also volunteers for WRAP, Whippet Rescue and Placement. WRAP rescues dogs, provide medical treatment and training, and places them in good homes. With two Whippets of her own and two cats, she is around pets all day long and loves every minute of it.