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Welcome to the Bark Easy Pet Grooming Web Site!

Personalized, full-service grooming for dogs and cats

Open Monday-Friday at 8 a.m.

Bark Easy Pet GroomingBark Easy offers full-service dog and cat grooming in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Our experienced groomers are all animal lovers and enjoy what they do. We provide excellent services by offering both customized and breed standard pet styling. We get to personally know our customers and their pets. Not all pets like to be groomed but we make it as pleasant an experience as possible, using the finest products and room-temperature drying (never hot air blowers).

Our services include:

  • Bath with shampoo and conditioner
  • Drying and brush out
  • Styling and haircut
  • Deep coat conditioning
  • Cleaning ears and teeth
  • Cutting or grinding nails
  • Deskunking
  • Deshedding
See our Services page for details. Bark Easy is not a high-volume shop so we take the time to do the job right and pay attention to every detail.


Appointments are required for full-service dog and cat grooming. You can make an appointment online, by phone at 603-465-2113 or by e-mail at barkeasy@aol.com.

Drop off your pet
You can set up a drop-off time or you can drop off in the morning and we will set up a time for you to return later to pick up your pet. We don’t just put your pet in a crate for hours on end. Our groomers will pay attention to and take good care of your furry friend.


Nail cutting or grinding
Paw treatments
Ear cleaning
Teeth brushing

No appointment is necessary but a call-ahead is recommended.


For your convenience, we stock collars and leashes, toys, beds and grooming supplies. Some of the products that we use in our grooming salon are available for home use.


At Bark Easy, we love all dogs but can only take a limited number of certain large-breed dogs.

This includes:

  • Newfoundlands
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Standard Poodles
  • Labradoodles
  • Goldendoodles

  • For the large breed dogs that we do groom, we request that a regular schedule be maintained as it takes extra time and effort to groom these dogs. This makes it easier on your pet to keep them looking good and maintain a healthy coat.

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$10 for referrals

Refer a new customer to Bark Easy and we’ll give you a $10 credit toward your next pet grooming. It’s our way of thanking our loyal customers.

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Please note that gratuities must be paid in cash to our groomers.
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Very sad... important information to keep in mind when our pet isn't feeling well. ...

I passed away yesterday. My mum wants other pup parents to learn from our experience so you don't go through what I went through.

I was an avid chewer. My mum thought I was really good at spitting pieces out but I died because I had pieces of discs and string from a rope chew toy stuck in my stomach. Toys that break apart, even if you think we don't swallow them, are not a good idea.

What really breaks my mum's heart is that I was sick for nearly two weeks before I had surgery. I was vomiting violently, but then I seemed to improve, although I was still spitting up frequently and not eating and drinking as I should. One of my vet's thought I had a blockage and took an xray, but nothing showed up there. I was still pooping and still alert. I became dehydrated a few times and was given fluids via IV and subcutaneously. Another vet didn't think it presented like a blockage at all and prescribed pepcid AC. I finally saw a third vet, who worked closely with the first vet, who told mum that 95-98% of cases of young dogs that have vomiting that don't resolve within 24 hours is due to blockage. It doesn't matter if you're pooping, if you have energy and are playing fetch, or if you are keeping some food and fluids down. If a young dog is still vomiting after 24 hours, then a blockage is the likely culprit. On day 12 after exhibiting symptoms, I had a barium xray series done that showed I had a blockage. I had surgery on day 13. The pieces of rope were caught in my intestine which worked hard to pull the blockage through, but the tangled mess of plastic and string wouldn't leave my stomach, so my intestine overstretched and eventually tore. The vet repaired me and I went to an overnight hospital. The following morning, I couldn't keep my blood glucose levels up and I went into cardiac arrest twice. The second time, I did not come back.

Maybe things wouldn't have worked out differently if the blockage was diagnosed right away. However, I was stronger at the beginning and my intestine hadn't been ruptured for long. I definitely would have had a better chance if I had surgery sooner. Pup parents, if your dog is vomiting for more than 24 hours, please insist on a barium xray series or ultrasound to rule out blockage. Blockage is a death sentence and the test is pretty straightforward. We had a lot of time to address what was wrong, and we were too late. Mum is heartbroken.

Love you all,

Johnny <3

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Thank you to all our veterans, 2 legged and 4 for protecting and defending our country! We are forever grateful to you... ...

In honor of Memorial Day, FMAS will be closed for the holiday. We will reopen on Tuesday at noon. Hope everyone is having a safe weekend.

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Being a dog and having allergies, itchy and dry skin is tough. A few years back my mom and dad decided to bring me here because they heard Bark Easy had a certain shampoo that might really be helpful for me and they didn't use hair dryers all the time. All I can say now is that Carol and her team are wonderful.

- Frankie the miniature poodle from Nashua